Destination: Relaxation – Making the Most of a Destination Spa Experience

A trip to a destination spa should be a relaxing, rejuvenating experience, but for those unsure of spa etiquette, it may anything but relaxing. Following are some tips from Spa Finder to make the most of a destination spa experience: Visiting a destination spa is joining others of like mind who are focused on improving their health through lifestyle changes and self renewal. For the first-timer, a destination spa experience might at first be daunting but a little preparation can go a long way in creating a stress-free vacation. Destination spas are a total get-away spa experience where guests typically stay for a lengthier period of time – four to ten days are common. Therefore, destination spas ask for an advance deposit and prefer guests make their reservations many months in advance. This helps the property prepare and schedule programs, treatments, rooms, and other amenities. However, destination spas can also accommodate last-minute reservations. Again, because destination spas build their programming around their guests, if a potential guest must cancel a reservation, to do so as far advance as possible. Cancellation policies will vary, however it is not uncommon for a destination spa to apply a deposit to a future visit in case of a cancellation. Last-minute cancellations may lose a deposit altogether. Typically located in beautiful scenic environments, the drive to a destination spa from an airport or other location, allows new guests to begin unwinding from the cares of daily life. Some destination spas will provide transportation. Others will provide recommendations for arriving at one’s own expense. While making a reservation with a destination spa, inquire about pre-arranging spa appointments or other activities. While this is often done after arriving at the destinations, pre-booking is a good idea. Guests usually reserve more strenuous activities for the morning, and spa treatments in the afternoon. Think casual when packing for a destination spa. Pack the basics, such as workout clothes, warm-up suits, swimsuits, and other necessities. Most importantly, pack appropriate footwear for exercising, including white-soled shoes for gym activities and hiking shoes for outdoor activities such as walking and biking. Leave items such as expensive jewelry, perfume and loads of makeup at home. Evening attire will vary from spa to spa. Some properties welcome guests in their robes or warm-up suits at mealtimes. Occasionally, guests at a destination spa might wear something more pulled together at dinnertime or the last meal a group is together. Guests will discover a myriad of things to do at a destination spa. These include hikes, exercise classes, mineral essential spa treatments, cooking demonstrations, education, and more. It’s a good idea to consider the goals for a trip such as this and than plan accordingly. Be careful about overdoing it, especially on the first day. Take the opportunity to try something new. Use the first day or so to ease into the schedule and take on the more challenging activities toward the end of the stay. Keep in mind that meals vary between destination spas. Some are vegetarian or vegan. Others may serve alcohol and caffeine – but most do not. Some limit the intake of food while others offer guests as much as they want. Inquire about a destination spa’s meal program before deciding which spa to visit. But also go into the experience with an open mind and willingness to improve eating habits. When scheduling spa treatments, make sure to request a male or female therapist if there is a preference. Feel free to ask questions during the treatment or let the therapist know of any concerns or requests. In community facilities such as a pool, soaking pool or whirlpool, always shower first. Guests taking a sauna or steam use their towels to sit on as well as plastic shoes provided by the spa. Typically guests using the wet rooms do so in the nude with a wrapped towel, but if modesty is an issue, feel free to wear a swimsuit. Prior to the visit, check which gratuities are included with services and which are not. At U.S. spa destinations, it’s customary to tip therapists, aestheticians, beauty personnel, and others who provide services. Porters and others who help provide services outside the spa should also be tipped. In other countries, customs for gratuities can vary. Make sure to check ahead prior to a visit.

How to Create a Destination Wedding Without the Destination

Destination 1: The Beach When I think of the Beach, I picture crashing waves, cool blue water, white sand and fresh breezes. To me it is light and airy, fresh and clean and brings a sense of cool calm. Who doesn’t need that on their big day! To create a Beach destination wedding without the Beach destination try the ideas below. • Use a blue and green color palette it will evoke feeling of the ocean • For your bouquets stick with the color theme, think Hydrangeas, Orchids, and grasses • For your table centers incorporate sand and shells, in tall clear glass vases • Accent with bleached or light coloured wood and unique shell accessories • Candlelight plays a part as well, but try tea lights in lanterns for a whimsical feel • Drape tables in crisp white linen and use white wooden chairs • Have fun too – a sandcastle cake or playful shell ornaments help with the laid-back vibe Destination 2: Wine Country Wine Country brings to mind: rolling hills, lush vineyards, fresh produce, warm colors and something that is richly rustic and romantic. It focuses on feelings of family, casual entertaining and a luxurious live and let live attitude. To create a Wine Country destination wedding without the Wine Country destination try the ideas below. • Use the rich jewel tones to capture that classic wine country feel. • For your bouquets think bold reds and deep purples combine these with lush greenery. • For the table centers accent low lush floral arrangements with different fruits like pomegranates, fresh figs, and of course – grapes! • Drape your tables and chairs in deep rich colors and include candlelight as well • To add to the decor have vignettes of a variety of clustered wine bottles with glasses and corks • Think wine bottle stopped for favours, and use corks for your place card holders Destination 3: Italy Italy conjures up images of classical elegance, glittering gold, shimmering candlelight and lush overabundance. It brings feelings of warmth, romance and sumptuous overabundance to mind. To create an Italian destination wedding without the Italian destination try the ideas below. • Use a color theme of creamy whites and ivories accented with warm gold tones • For your bouquet consider the classic rose or lush Hydrangea and trailing greenery • For the table centers think overstuffed, think artichokes, think lots of foliage • Place flowers everywhere, over abundance is key • Incorporate classic forms such as ornate candelabras and statues or busts • Use candlelight to your advantage, the warm glow will help set the mood • Drape tables in ivory and over lay with gold organza for an opulent look • Organic or cold pressed olive oil is a unique favour – one that WILL be used Destination 4: The Tropics A Tropical Destination creates images of bright vibrant colors, palm tree covered islands, sultry music and fresh flavours. It generates feelings of carefree days, relaxation and fun. To create a Tropical destination wedding without the Tropical destination try the ideas below. • A color scheme of hot pinks, bright oranges and a splash of lime green sets the mood • Try exotic flowers like Ginger,Protea or Heliconia in your bouquet • Go crazy with the palm leaves and create “palm trees” on the tables • Use lush indoor house plants to add a sense of place to your venue • Decorate with bowls of floating orchids and candles • Use bright colored linens and chair covers to create a festive vibe • Have fun with whimsical favours and kitschy accents • Keep the food light and fresh think grilled fish and salads not steak and potatoes.

Rome Destination Travel Guide

Rome in Italy is both known to have two sides of the coin as its facade because the city has both American and European cultures. Rome is considered to be one of the best and famous historical cities known around the globe. Among its neighbors, it is also one of the most unique in all of Europe. Rome cannot be visited and toured all in one day because it has so much to offer for the holidaymaker.

Rome’s main attraction is the Coliseum, but one of the most overlooked parts of the trip is trying to survive each time you cross the road. Cars and small motorcycle will never stop for you; you will just have to know proper timing and technique while crossing the bricked streets of the city.

Coffee shops are one of the thriving businesses in Rome. This is due to their great brews that stay unique and fresh unlike those American, London, French and Seattle coffee chains that all taste the same. Always look for Roman coffee while in Rome.

Obvious travel itinerary for your Rome visit is the Coliseum, Pantheon, Vatican City and the national monument along with its ruins. Film is a thriving art in Rome, too. Many artists do filming here so expect a busy film crew anywhere in the streets. Also Opera houses and performances are very abundant everywhere, so be sure to purchase your tickets a day ahead to save yourself of the burdens of lining up for tickets.

Rome Accommodations – Where to Bargain and Get it Cheap

Rome is by no means a cheap city to travel in. It is overly expensive, and this may be due to the increasing value of the Euro. If you plan properly and use the best common sense, then you will not have to put holes in your pockets if you travel in Rome.

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