Amsterdam Stag Weekends – Tips For Arranging A Memorable Amsterdam Stag Night

Amsterdam is a town of windmills and tulips, but at night it turns into a destination where “red light” means do what you wish as long as you do not hurt anyone. Amsterdam is renowned for its fine lager and has a reputation for gedogen which literally means that you can do things here that may be illegal elsewhere.

Getting Around Amsterdam
This is a good destination for stag weekends because it’s an easy town to get around. Most people utilise bicycles for transportation, and it’s a safe gamble that you will find plenty of girls going through the streets on bikes–don’t try to stop them though because they are pretty fierce! The other transportation type is to utilise the transit system that is the best in the entire world. The transportation includes a tram system and a canal bus.

Things To Do In Amsterdam on Stag Weekends
Whether you’re out during the daytime, or out at night there is plenty to do and see while you’re visiting this town. As an example, the Dirty Harry Shoot ‘Em Up; is a good destination for wild girls and fun. You can have a good time with more macho games like karting or clay pigeon shooting. Another fun activity is snowboarding indoors. These are good games to do with your stag do buddies, or you can do them on your own.

Amsterdam Entertainment
At night the sky is the limit when you take a night out on the town in this town. Amsterdam stag weekends are a miracle come true for the average guy moves around a 2km semi circle because you have everything you could ever wish or need in this area.

From the strip illustrates to the best watering holes, you can find a good brew, lap dancing, and you can even go to a real “red light district.” What self respecting man couldn’t at least take a peek at the working girls in this town and have a good time flirting!

Do not try and take pictures of the girls because this is forbidden. Besides, you do not actually wish your intended to know that you hung out there for awhile, do you? This is better observed and not told.

Amsterdam Eats and Drinks
Amsterdam is the capital of lager so you will find plenty of it in this town. You will find plenty of coffee houses and pubs on every street corner. How do you supervise a starving man? Send him to Gauchos Steakhouse for a variety of good ribs or big steaks. There is also the Pancake Bakery for the best pancakes you can find anywhere, and if you get the munchies late at night a safe gamble is Gary’s late night café with coffee and bagels for your pleasure–a good stag do eatery.

Amsterdam is a good destination for stag weekends because you have more to do than in many other cities. They actually know how to treat stags right and the girls are luscious if you like them tall, lean and luscious.

Top Exotic Boating Destinations

The wonderful thing about boating is that it gives you the opportunity to visit a variety of exotic destinations you wouldn’t be able to visit otherwise. Next time you are planning the ultimate boating destination consider the following choices to have the best exotic boating experience you’ve ever had.

First on the list is Bora Bora, French Polynesia. This destination offers mythical beauty that you won’t find anywhere else. You can take your boat or charter another boat to take you on an adventure through hidden lagoons, untouched beaches and coral gardens. On the island of Motu Tapu you can dock and explore a variety of tropical beauty while enjoy tropical drinks. The perfect end to your adventure is a lavish lunch at the Bora Bora Lagoon Resort and Spa where you can enjoy local music and performances.

Second is Hobart, Australia. Here you get an experience you won’t get anywhere else. You can go shopping with a personal guide that helps you to collect local ingredients to go into a traditional Australian Bush Barbeque. After your shopping you can take the time to go on a four-wheel drive tour by yourself or with a personal guide. Then after your barbeque you can take the time to relax on your boat and enjoy the beautiful scenery or you can watch a traditional sheep dog demonstration.

The third destination is also in Australia as Fremantle or Perth. This destination takes you down the Swan River either in your own boat or in a lavish private yacht. Once you reach your destination at the Sandalford Caversham Estate in the Swan Valley you can enjoy some of the finest regional cuisine with an experienced guide beside you. After your lunch you still have time to enjoy the local scenery or head back down the river and find other parts of Australia to enjoy.

Fourth is Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Here you can take in the views of the Arabian Gulf from your personal boat or from a traditional wooden dhow. Here you will find hidden, white-sand beaches that you likely didn’t know exist. You can enjoy a variety of local coffee at one of the many cafes or you can enjoy a lavish local cuisine for dinner aboard your boat.

Then there is Sharm El Sheik, Egypt. This place is located along the enchanting Sinai Peninsula. This boating destination offers a variety of crystal blue water and beautiful ivory beaches. You can take a private glass-bottom boat ride over some of the most colorful reefs you’ve ever seen. Inland you can choose to take a trek to the Sinai desert and stay in a traditional Bedouin tent where you enjoy a five-star lunch. Once you finish your meal you can relax in the tent and enjoy a variety of local entertainment or take a camel ride across the desert.

Lastly there is Hong Kong, China. There is nothing better than seeing the local sights and sounds of Hong Kong from the deck of your boat. The city offers a wide variety of the old and new. An experience you can miss is taking a antique tram on a private tour. Thie tour ends at one of the most exclusive private clubs in Hong Kong where you can enjoy an excellent meal amid traditional Chinese décor from the twenties and thirties.

Is South Florida Safer Nowadays?

Like many major metropolitan areas, South Florida has been stricken with the label of unsafe. Visitors or people considering moving to the area concerned for their family’s safety may wonder if South Florida is the best choice. The answer, like most other major metropolitan areas in the United States: it depends on the area.

Suburban areas of Palm Beach may be much safer than the inner city of Miami, just as suburban areas of New York may be much safer than areas of the inner city. The key is to do a little research before traveling to South Florida or before moving to the area permanently.
Larger cities and metropolitan areas such as Miami, West Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, etc. tend to have crime rates higher than the national averages.

A family trip to Disney World in Orlando, however, should not be feared if you and your family choose safe areas of the city and do not venture out to unsafe neighborhoods within Orlando. Again, a little research prior to leaving on your trip is a good idea, especially for those traveling as families.

Travelers to Key West should know that the crime rate is pretty congruent with the national average. Visitors should also be aware, however, that many people travel to Key West looking for a party, which leads to over consumption of alcohol in some cases, which may lead to trouble. This may be true of several destinations throughout the country, but it is something to be aware of when traveling to these areas.

Of course, many visitors in Key West go there for a relaxing vacation on the beach with no intentions of causing trouble. Key West may not prove to be the best destination for family vacations of many types, as there are a number of camping venues in the city that some families may enjoy.

Miami is the most recognizable and arguably the most popular destination in South Florida. Many consider Miami a great destination for its beaches. Miami Beach and South Beach are prime examples of tourism focused on the beaches and nightlife. Ft. Lauderdale, however, boasts lower crime rates than Miami and attracts many visitors for its own beautiful beaches, yachting and the hotels lining the coast.

For those considering relocating to South Florida, suburban areas may prove the best options for families. However, some suburban areas, particularly in Miami, may have higher crime rates than many may think. Consult current residents of the area and crime statistics before you make any plans.

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The Enchanting Spas

Are you looking for a place where you can relax and pamper yourself? Do you want to unwind yourself in surroundings that have serene settings? Do you want to indulge in a day, or even a week, of bliss and calmness and enjoy natural therapies that will invigorate, relax, and purify both mind and body? Best spa hotels provided by online tour operators feature top-rate facilities. They provide you with an array of nourishing treatments, healthy activities, and even nutritious gourmet meals to ensure that you have an amazing and relaxing experience that is unforgettable for a long time o come. One example of the luxury resort spa is ‘Enchantment Resort’ and ‘Mii Amo Spa’ situated at Sedona, AZ, United States. This desert oasis retreat embodies tranquility and beauty. It has adobe casita-style accommodations set in the heart of the majestic Red Rock Country. The serene atmosphere here clears your body and mind, and makes you feel one with nature.

Another destination to enjoy and pamper you with spas and resorts is Bermuda. It is a place for relaxation. Here, vacation escapism is perfectly complimented by a massage or spa treatment to pamper you. These spas and hotels in Bermuda are great options for the traveler and holiday seekers who need a little more rest and relaxation during their trip. These spas and resorts provide an ultimate relaxation after a hectic day of shopping, touring, or meetings. These Bermuda hotels provide the best spa hotels in the area and provide the most enduring treatments, services, amenities and facilities.

Ramada Lake Spa Resort is just 45 minutes away from Kochi. It is a veritable altar of enchantment beside the Kumbalam Lake in Kerala. It is promoted by Synthite Group, a global leader in natural extracts and product solutions. Synthite ventured into the hospitality industry with Riviera Suites. Ramada Lake Resort Spa is the second undertaking of Synthite Group to promote tourism in Kerala. The Ayurvedic courtyard in the lake facing spa provides authentic traditional Ayurvedic treatments.

If money is not a constraint, visit the Texas Hill Country and experience for yourself why Lake Austin Lake Spa Resort is the best destination spa in North America. It was rated number one by the readers of Condé Nast Traveler in 2008 and also named one of the top ten spas in Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best Awards. The 2009 Zagat Survey declared the resort as the top destination spa resort in the United States. American Airlines’ Celebrated Living magazines have recognized the resort as one of the best spa resort in the country and in the world. In this spa resort, you can relieve your stress and pamper yourself to restore your well-being at the world-class LakeHouse Spa. This is one of the best spa hotels and is wrapped in the warmth and casual elegance of a best friend’s lake house. Whether you visit this spa to stay for the night or want to relax for a day, it provides you with an escape to peaceful lakeside resort.